Nano Hue

Paint in an entire room in seconds with Nano Hue! Nano Hue is a hypothetical product that utilizes nanotech to make redecorating a breeze. This is a design for an ad campaign for such a product could look like.

The Campaign

The completed campaign features a series of three magazine advertisements using the RGB colors as their color scheme. To the right is a a version that has been modified to function as a mobile advertisement.

The Process

Logo Design

After cycling through many sketches of different logo ideas, I settled on a paintbrush shape paired with a futuristic typeface called Pirulen.

From Photo to Phantom

Using photos of three different models, I went into Adobe Photoshop to create a set of "phantom" silhouettes. This design choice was made to improve the inclusivity of the campaign, allowing more different people to picture themselves in the place of the silhouette.

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